Alyssa Divers

Her mother, a woman of unfathomable faith and courage, has allowed us all to share in Alyssa’s journey by posting updates on a website called Caring Bridge. Her entries have been joyful at times, heart-breakingly raw and painful at others, always honest and true. It has been a privilege to be permitted to witness this family’s incredible strength and grace, to be able to hold them in our hearts.
Last night (Dec. 31), Alyssa won freedom from suffering and tribulation. She need never fear the results of another scan, or watch her mother cry, or suffer unimaginable pain. Alyssa’s gain is our loss. It is not just the heartbreak of a child taken too soon – of a family’s grief; we all truly lost more than we can know.
Sweet Alyssa was a brilliant firefly of a girl – she exuded joy and love. She was bright, and beautiful, and compassionate beyond her years. Who among us can even imagine what she would have brought to this world had she been permitted a normal lifespan? What great artist could she have become? What social activist would she have been? What solace and relief would she have brought to those who suffer?
I am deeply saddened today, touched by grief for Alyssa and her family: but even more I grieve for us all, for today we have lost not just a precious child, but one who truly made the world a better place. Now that Alyssa has left us, we should take the gifts she shared with us all and make them our own. So, for Alyssa – be courageous. For Alyssa – be compassionate. For Alyssa – be joyful. She has shown us all how. Now it is time to take these gifts, and share them with others – for Alyssa.

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