Begging campaign

But given the governor’s demand, what did Ms. Dragas do? She folded like a cheap deck of cards. If she was confident that she and the Visitors had just cause to remove Dr. Sullivan, she should have had the courage of her convictions to respectfully decline the governor’s demand and tender her resignation.
Now, after not having the intestinal fortitude to stick to her guns, she launched the biggest begging campaign in memory, lobbying every legislature to whom she had given money, to rescue her and assuage her hurt feelings and reputation. If she truly had the interests of UVa. in her heart, she would have resigned and let the new Visitors go about the business of restoring the reputation of the university. As long as she sticks around, the issue will not go away.
I’m equally sickened by the governor and our elected legislators for nominating and confirming her nomination. How could they possibly have rated her job performance as deserving reappointment? It gives all appearances of payback to a wealthy political benefactor, and as we all know, the appearance of impropriety is as bad as impropriety itself.
I will respectfully campaign to defeat every single legislator, beginning with the governor, should any choose to run again for public office. This voter has a long memory.

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