Get ready

School funding has already been cut by almost $1 million since last year, and the school board is looking at closing Columbia and Cunningham elementary schools. According to county supervisor Robert Ullenbruch, “that’s where the only money is.”

Parents in Columbia and Cunningham need to prepare for the decision to close those schools. Parents in Fork Union, Fluvanna, and Palmyra need to prepare for larger class sizes and new bus routes. Preppers also address problems before they are too big to fix. Next year’s budget for the county is being discussed right now, and this is the time to get involved in the decision-making process. It’s too late to get supplies after the power outage closes the grocery store, and it’s too late to ask for funds after school closings have been announced.
Most importantly, preppers get ready for long-term hardship. Three supervisor seats are up for election this fall, and parents with children in public schools aren’t the only voters in Fluvanna County. If the majority of voters approve of the way that this board has set its spending priorities, then November’s election will authorize four more years of the same decisions.

Fluvanna County parents have a lot to prepare for.

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