Ghost town

They are counted when funding is determined, but they are not a drain on the system. Those students are not taking up classroom space or adding to transportation costs. None of the typical expenses are felt in the schools, so where is all that extra money?
We all pay our property taxes, a portion of which goes to the schools. The public school system is not a membership organization, but those pupils who are home schooled are treated as if it is. Home-schooled students are not allowed to participate in any school activity or sport and can’t even use the library! As taxpayers who do not have children in the Fluvanna County system, we maintain our right to speak out against this dark ages thinking.
Within a group of friends, the comment was made that none of us is aware of a single person of notoriety produced by the Fluvanna County schools… outside the criminal justice system! We have bright young people who are not in the system who deserve the same rights and privileges as those sitting inside the public classrooms. The school’s sports department could use a little help too.
Raising taxes is not the answer to quality education (that is our goal, right?) Will taxes be raised so high that Fluvanna County becomes a ghost town?

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