A special prom night

When Tyler’s first date fell through, to say Tyler was disappointed would be an understatement. He told anybody that would listen about his tragedy. Fortunately the right people were listening one day at lunch – his friend Baily Crockett along with Felicia Cambria and Callie Hamm. After Tyler left the cafeteria, Felicia told Baily she would go to the prom with Tyler!
To sum it up, Baily, Felicia and Callie along with a little help from Baily’s mom, had everything planned for prom night within a few hours. Everything except for telling Tyler, which Felicia said she would take care of the next day in school by asking Tyler to the prom. But Baily said no to that idea. He thought that Tyler needed to ask Felicia because it was a rite of passage for every guy to have to ask a girl to prom! So with a little behind the scenes plotting, Tyler asked Felicia to prom and was thrilled when she said yes!
Thanks to Baily and Felicia, Tyler had a wonderful prom experience that included pictures at Pleasant Grove (Thanks Mandy), dinner at Sal’s (Thanks Claudia and staff) and dancing at the prom.
We could not begin to express our thanks to these truly remarkable people and will always be thankful Tyler has such awesome friends.

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