Disappointed in county leaders

I have been told that it would cost $700,000 to keep these two schools open, and if three cents were added to the rate these schools could be kept open. If a property were assessed at $200,000 the additional amount on a yearly tax bill would be $60 or $5 more per month. I cannot believe any taxpayer would object to this small increase especially as within five to ten years the school system will be asking for a new elementary school, and yes, it has even been mentioned that it will be built at Pleasant Grove.
The school system seems to live by close and build. In the past 50 years they have abandoned four buildings – Carysbrook, Abrams, Fork Union and Palmyra. Do we want two more? Each of these building were allowed to deteriorate before they were again used in some small way by the schools and the county. Each time we closed a school, we had to build – two add-ons at Central, a new high school (now the middle school) and the middle school (now Carysbrook Elementary School). One thing for sure is a new elementary school whenever it is built will cost at least $20 to $50 million. How much will that raise your rate? Don’t forget we are still paying on the new high school.
I strongly urge the School Board to ask the supervisors for the additional $700,000. Taxpayers think carefully about what I have said. We will pay a little more now or within ten years we will most likely have to pay a lot more. Call your board member. Time is of the essence.

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