Hometown heroes awards

The danger faced by our hometown heroes in fire and rescue organizations is no less than those faced by personnel in either West or in Boston. Given the dangers now inherent in teaching with the rash of murders in various schools, the latest being Newtown, Connecticut, it seems proper to honor teachers. As has been seen over the past few years teachers face danger in their roles of not only teaching our children, but in protecting them as well.
The final category would be that of our county and Lake Monticello police forces. Because of their role in protecting the community there will be four categories of heroes at this award ceremony.
The awards will be given at Lake Christian Church, 733 South Beaver Dam Road, Palmyra, Va. on Sunday, May 12 at 3 p.m. The recipients of these awards will be:
-EMT Rescue Provider – Valerie Lopez
-Firefighter – Mark Novak
-Lawman of the Year – Frank Lopez
-Teacher of the Year – to be announced after May 8th by the School Board.
We would appreciate a good attendance to honor those who place their lives on the line every time they answer the call of duty, and often when they merely come upon a scene. Refreshments will be served after the ceremony.

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