Infrastructure needed

Kelly states in this week’s (May 23) release of the Review, the issue is money. This may be the problem. It is not the solution. Allocating money to fight fires has been the approach used by the current Board of Supervisors. Infrastructure is the solution. Until we start cooperating with Louisa County to bring water to the Zion Crossroads area the comprehensive plan the county has for development there will never occur. Planning to plan. How many times has the development been studied? How many studies has the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission created over the past twenty years? And now another is proposed – the “Zion Crossroads Sketch Committee.”
A more significant problem to Lake residents now is the county’s double taxation of residents for such services as emergency services and trash hauling. These are costs that should be borne by new commercial and industrial development at Zion Crossroads. Issues that affect Rivanna District also affect the county at-large; however, the development of infrastructure in the county must not be accomplished on the backs of Rivanna (and by re-districting, Cunningham) residents.
Rivanna, and Fluvanna County, need a supervisor who will continue Joe Chesser’s diligent and persistent work on the water infrastructure issues. Rivanna needs a supervisor who will commit to the infrastructure to provide the water to get the right development where it belongs, at Zion. This will take the tax burden off of the residents at the Lake and the county in general. The county has targeted an appropriate 30% commercial tax base. Now we must elect the strong, responsible leadership necessary to lead Fluvanna to that next step.
I know Tony. Rick Kelly does not. Tony represents leadership with proven stability and a strong family and community orientation. Rick Kelly does not.

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