Aqua America

The premise is this: While we may gnash our teeth at Aqua America, its management is only doing what they can to maximize profit for its shareholders. They have stated that Virginia’s regulatory environment is favorable meaning that they want to expand their holdings in this state as much as possible. They continue to buy systems much smaller than ours which usually require upgrade. Lake Monticello’s water/sewer system is its largest in Virginia and most efficient to operate. Via consolidated rates, we subsidize the purchases of smaller, less efficient systems. This will continue every year unless Virginia’s State Corporate Commission receives a mandate to do a better job of protecting the consumer. Such a mandate can only be delivered by significant political pressure. LMOA’s influence on politicians is restricted to our local representatives. If a coalition of all Aqua Virginia customers is formed, the number of politicians with a vested interest in changing the SCC’s guidelines is greatly expanded.
The model for accomplishing this exists via previous successful efforts in Florida. LMOA, as the largest collective customer, can best provide the leadership to bring a coalition together in Virginia. I urge the 2013/2014 LMOA Board of Directors to make the formation of such a coalition a goal for the coming Board year.

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