Endorsement was personal

1. The item must appear on the agenda of an open session of the Board of Directors. There has been no such agenda item in the past two years.
2. There must be a resolution proposal that includes the background and recommendations of staff and the appropriate committees. No resolution proposal was submitted.
3. There must be a motion made by a director. There was no motion.
4. There must be a director willing to second the motion. There was no motion and therefore no second.
5. There must be a vote by the Board of Directors. The majority vote determines whether the motion is passed. There was no vote.
6. The action of the Board of Directors must be documented in the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors. Since no action was taken, there is no documentation in the minutes.
If any of these steps are omitted, there is no action by the Board of Directors. None of these steps have been taken by the Board of Directors. Therefore, the Board of Directors did not endorse any candidate. Bylaw 4.10.c is carefully worded. There is no bylaw or policy that prohibits individual directors, as Lake Monticello property owners, from endorsing a candidate, placing signs on their lawns, handing out literature, hosting meet and greet sessions for a candidate or sending emails to their friends and neighbors.
None of these actions is a violation of any bylaw or policy.
The decision to endorse candidates in the current Board election was my personal decision as a Lake Monticello property owner. The opinions which I expressed to my friends and neighbors are mine alone and do not represent an action of the Lake Monticello Owners’ Association Board. Before making accusations, it is best for residents to become familiar with the bylaws and policies.

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