Lake squad is model agency

This is an extremely important fund raiser because every individual who resides or works in Fluvanna County and every business in the county benefits from service provided by the Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire and Rescue squads. This area has grown in population so much over the past few years that the number of calls has increased and continues to rise. In fact, there have been over 550 calls in 2013 so far. That is 25 calls a week. When you need immediate medical assistance you get EMTs and medics who work with just their wits and a minimum of gear. They make the first critical assessments and often perform the first lifesaving acts. They are there with no glory, no God complex and no “gee Doc you saved my life.” The rescue squad was recently inspected by the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services and the inspector said “This Agency is a model Agency. They exceed expectations! Excellent inspection, no discrepancies”.
Even though most of us contribute to other fund raising requests, I can think of no other fund raiser that immediately gives back to the community and the surrounding areas. These contributions are of course tax deductible. What greater investment can anyone make that returns in services when the need is there. The volunteers that serve are dedicated and well trained. Golfers can feel good about contributing, have a good time and know that we are giving to what I think is the best service in Fluvanna County.

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