Political ploy

A couple of months ago I addressed the Board of Supervisors at a meeting when they were deciding on the budget. I spoke of last year’s budget problems and shortfalls for the schools when they advertised a tax rate of .68 cents. After a quiet meeting and a changed vote that rate was reduced to .59 cents on a 3 – 2 vote. I felt that they should have reached a compromise of .63 or .64 cents to better enable them to meet the school’s budget request. This year the equalization rate after the reassessment was .81 cents, and the supervisors lowered it still to .79 cents creating further budget problems. Had they taken my suggestion, the current rate would then be .86 cents. I will undoubtedly take part in their scheme, because I have been encouraging them to raise taxes for more than a year now. My home is assessed at $185K, and an increase of an additional .07 cents in taxes means that I would pay an additional $10 per month. Who amongst us has not frivolously spent that much for any number of things.
Why then is this a political ploy you may ask. If a minimal number of people participate in this program, Mr. Kenney and Mr. Ullenbruch will proclaim that their constituents are not in fact in favor of increasing taxes. But the bigger issue is that it lets them off the hook from making those tough political decisions and allows many to abdicate their responsibility of supporting the community which is Fluvanna County. Currently Fluvanna County ranks below all the surrounding counties, with the exception of Buckingham, in median property taxes paid. You will hear some proclaim that we are overwhelmed by taxation, but it is just not true
So, I simply ask you to consider that facts are much more important than political rhetoric and know that the idea of voluntary contributions is nothing but a scheme.

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