Tenaska to the rescue

In my last letter to the editor, I noted that Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue did not have a much needed generator to power the essentials for our senior animals during a power outage. I need not say more. Dr. Robert Mayfield, plant manager for Tenaska Virginia Generating Station, once again came to the rescue for senior animals by donating a generator to our rescue. We are a home-based rescue; the only one in Virginia that houses the animals on-site, meaning simply, at our home.
Some question the need to senior animals. If you believe in the sanctity of life, for humans or animals, you will understand why we do, what we do. Our vision is a world where no animal is euthanized because of age or medical challenge when a quality of life remains. Many of our animals, prior to coming to Peaceful Passings, experienced neglect, abuse, abandonment, and had little or no medical care. Each day is a challenge to bring them forward in good health, with love, care, and proper medical attention. Our vets at the Fork Union Animal Clinic work hard to prolong the quality of their lives. We believe that age is grace and wisdom, for both humans and animals. We believe that each day is a new day. And we believe that despite the situations that preceded their residency at Peaceful Passings, each animal deserves to know what it is to be a part of a family, be properly cared for, receive medical attention when necessary, and be loved. We believe that the same should be true for humans.
I can only express in words, my heartfelt gratitude for people like Dr. Mayfield, who obviously also, believe in the sanctity of life and will go the extra mile to act on that belief. We are eternally grateful for his support.

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