Keep MAP testing

Suppose my 5th grader is performing in math at a 3rd grade level. Assessments written for the 5th grade Virginia Standards of Learning will not inform the teacher about my child’s strengths and weaknesses in math. The same will go for the 5th grader who is performing above grade level. Those students need an assessment that will meet them where they are and identify what they have mastered, what they are grappling with, and what is coming next for them. The MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) tests will assess every student’s learning needs so that their teachers have the information they need to design instruction.
As a former school administrator, my teachers and I used the MAP test to identify students’ needs and make instructional decisions. By having that assessment data, and using it appropriately, we were able to ensure that, on average, students made more than a year’s progress in a year’s time as a result.
If the Fluvanna MAP test results are only being warehoused and not used to design instruction, then I would agree that the time invested in administering the MAP test is a waste of instructional time. My recommendation would not be to shelve the test, however. I would suggest that Fluvanna Schools invest in professional development for their teachers on best practices for using the MAP data to improve student achievement.

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