Vote Kelly

Fluvanna to be competitive and efficient enough for day-to-day operations.
A group that supports Tony O’Brien is promoting the idea that people in Fluvanna are wealthy and can afford more taxes, saying we have a high median income. But the truth is, we have the lowest per capita income of almost any county in the region. When you divide the total of all of our incomes by all the people in Fluvanna, we’re far from wealthy. We come off worse than most other counties around us. There are some wealthy families in the county, new upscale subdivisions, lakefront homes and golf course homes in Fluvanna that skew the income picture. But the majority of families in the county are not rich and find it difficult to maintain a comfortable standard of living. More people are on the SNAP program and welfare. Many rely more than ever on food banks, Meals on Wheels, church assistance and friends.
This is distressing. Many more families are on fixed incomes and get further behind all the time. A dollar a day in extra taxes means nothing to a wealthy family or young professional couple but can make a difference in the quality of life for others. I encourage you to call or write the candidates for their visions, perspectives, ideas and to meet with them.
This is a very important election for taxpayers, people on fixed and lower-income residents. Do you want more spending and ever higher taxes or reduced spending and manageable taxes? Having the highest tax rate in Central Virginia and making it worse will not encourage the businesses to come here that Fluvanna is trying to attract. It`s totally up to you to support and contribute to the candidate who will represent your best interests. Take a look at Rick Kelly`s vision. If you are happy with things as they are, do nothing. If not, vote. A 25% turnout on Nov. 5 is not acceptable.

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