We’re broke

Mr. Shaver is entitled to his opinion but it’s not right for him to denigrate the motives of those who disagree with him. He suggests that those on the opposite side avoid tough decisions and cover themselves by engaging in cheap political tricks. Although politics plays a role in most group activities, maybe these particular board members truly feel they are representing the views of their constituents. After all, many residents are against higher taxes. Candidates rarely take the position that we need more government services and higher taxes to support them. On the other hand, many candidates argue for expanded government services but avoid the subject of higher taxes that their proposals may require. Possibly Mr. Shaver feels this way of playing politics is justified because that’s the only way a candidate can get elected and then, after they get into office, make the necessary tough decisions to raise taxes.
Secondly, Mr. Shaver says that facts are more important than politics. I agree that it’s not good to base decisions purely on politics. However, we should consider all the facts, not just Mr. Shaver’s facts. There have been numerous studies that indicate more spending does not necessarily lead to better education or conversely that less spending leads to a poorer education. What’s more, in the last 30 years, our country has significantly increased education spending in real terms, yet overall education results have remained the same. Clearly it would be prudent to consider facts other than just the current level of spending.
Finally, Mr. Shaver’s most telling fact to back his opinion seems to be that it will only cost each of us an additional $10 per month and it’s for a good cause. Most compelling! If we made all our decisions this way, we’d be broke (Oh, we already are broke).

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