Fluvanna statistics

1. Albemarle County: $47,000
2. Louisa County: $41,000
3. Nelson County: $38,800
4. Greene County: $38,000
5. Fluvanna County: $36,500 –  lowest among our peers with this latest report.
Fact: Mr. Sullivan makes a few mistakes himself. He gives the cost of the new high school as $70 million. According to a report on the total cost of the high school at a Board of Supervisors meeting only a few weeks ago, the high school’s total cost to taxpayers is $85 million. This was reported by Fluvanna Finance Director Barbara Horlacher and County Administrator Steve Nichols in a presentation.
Rivanna Supervisor candidate Rick Kelly lists his ideas and gives perspective on his website and in his brochure about possible solutions to our financial burdens and he has asked for people’s input. I suggest that voters read them. Mr. Sullivan is not the only one who cares about our county.
Fact: Rivanna Supervisor candidate Tony O`Brien, also wrote a letter to the editor suggesting I misrepresented the facts in saying O’Brien proposes to raise taxes as much as eight cents. Yet, in his letter to the editor, he proves me right. If you add up the taxes for the items he lists in his letter, you get a total tax hike of 9 to 12 cents next year that he is proposing. We already have the highest tax rate of any county in Central Virginia.
The single most important factor in a company`s decision to locate is proximity to markets, not water, schools, or safety. Mr. O`Brien understands this, because he has a successful computer business in Charlottesville next to his customer base. It is logical and reasonable to be close to your customers. Mr. O` Brien does not understand the reality when thinking about economic development at Zion Crossroads. What company would possibly locate in our county with our increasing tax rates, without a customer base in sight? “ Build it and they will come” has no validity. It is a dream based on assumptions.

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