Traumatic first day

In addition, several 5th graders were highly upset because they were told they would not be given recess for the full school year. When asked why, what did someone to some people do to cause this punishment, they could give no explanation. Can someone please explain to why 5th graders are being punished with this the moment they step foot in their new school? I spoke with several 6th graders and they were not given this punishment; they told me it was only the 5th graders.
Several children also told of how they are not allowed to bring snacks for later in the school day. So, you expect young, growing children to be satisfied with only lunch between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.? There are also children who attend with special dietary needs, such as diabetes; are they allowed to keep snacks?
While discipline is a necessary tool for making certain children behave themselves and to keep order in the school, yelling at them and berating them the moment they get off their bus is not discipline. It is cruel and unjustified. The children should not be scared of their authority figures, they should be taught to respect them. Children learn respect through strong leadership, encouragement, and motivation. Berating a child is going to teach them to be scared of authority.
The school board owes the parents and taxpayers of Fluvanna County and explanation as to me why Dr. Farquharson was hired as a principal with her background? One Google search and you can find where she had the same issues in Petersburg because of this exact behavior. Why would Fluvanna County wish the same treatment for our children?
The behavior of Dr. Farquharson to our children must change immediately, or she must leave. We can hire professional administrators who treat the children and the staff of the schools, with respect and creates a nurturing, caring (while disciplined environment). The behavior as shown yesterday is completely unacceptable. I ask all members of the school board as parents, do you want your children treated as such?
I look forward to the immediate change in environment for the children, and a full explanation from the school board as to why this behavior is condoned

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