McAuliffe is the answer

Ken Cuccinelli’s platform resembles the “voodoo economics” foisted on us by Reagan: cut taxes and expect miracles. He claims that cutting corporate taxes by 1% to 2% will lure business away from other states. He opposed Governor McDonnell’s transportation improvement program. He opposes the Affordable Healthcare Act but has no plan for improving healthcare.

McAuliffe fixed troubled companies and started new businesses. (Greentech, his startup, now has 100 employees – it takes time to grow in the tough automobile market.) Cuccinelli worked in private practice and government offices.

Cuccinelli supports the coal industry and proposes to deregulate mining. (His campaign received $111,000 from power companies.) McAuliffe has managed energy businesses, and his platform balances support for nuclear, oil, coal, and alternative energy.

Businesses and their employees want to live where state government seems friendly and modern.

McAuliffe’s business experience and salesmanship, plus his forward-looking policies, will lure businesses and employees to Virginia.

Cuccinelli doesn’t understand that no major business will spend the time, expense, and disruption of relocation only to save 1% or 2% on state taxes. Deregulation may benefit coal and uranium company profits, but doesn’t attract other businesses. Most employees won’t want to move to a state that disregards worker safety and public safety, governed by a right-wing radical who denies the science of global warming and opposes birth control, abortion, homosexuality, and gay marriage.

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