Pipeline controversy

Aqua Virginia is almost universally disliked and a likely unreliable partner in such a venture. Their data were never substantiated, and their constant changes to the contract reveal an unpredictable, shifty untrustworthiness.
Most importantly, the fact that the proposal is unsolicited means no other water companies have bid. An RFP (request for proposals) should be issued by the Board immediately so we are not captive to only one company’s proposal! The county ought to be considering three or four competitive bids before deciding anything.
With perhaps 2500 counties in this country, one could expect a rigorous comparison of Fluvanna County with other counties in similar circumstances, to learn what they have done and how they have proceeded. The Board should be working with a university that has programs in county administration, including public utilities; has this been considered? It would be immensely helpful. Such comparison with other counties would be immensely helpful.
Board members are to be applauded for their time and commitment. I hope every Board member will publicly recuse themselves prior to any vote if they have any present or future expectations of a relationship with Aqua Virginia other than as a drinker of water!
The sound system at the new school is terrible! Better mikes and speakers, please.

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