Chesser complaint

At the public hearing on Sept. 18 on the Aqua Va. contract at the high school, the Aqua people went extremely long trying to convince our supervisors to sign the contract. Mr. Kelly exercised his right to speak and asked for an apology from Mr. Chesser from the LMOA meeting, to no avail. After 3 1/2 hours, this issue was deferred until the October Board of Supervisor’s meeting and went on break with almost everyone leaving. I saw Mr. Chesser walking past and I jokingly said,” Joe, this deferral could have been two hours earlier and I could have been home in my easy chair resting.” His response to me was “screw you!”, with people around us. I was embarrassed but did not respond. I refused to stoop to his level. This has happened before. This language is unacceptable from an elected official or citizen. How can an elected official excuse himself from being civil, courteous and respectful to the public, when that is expected of us, even if we have different viewpoints? I do not remember in my 11 years in this county attending public meetings, being disrespectful to anyone, their positions, their viewpoints or differences in political views.
Consider this letter as a formal complaint against an elected official, who feels superior to the citizens with his position of position, not accountable for his actions or words.

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