Count on Franklin

An example of her concerns is the increasing tax rates in Fluvanna which went from $0.43 in 2007 to $0.795 in 2013. This increase of 85 percent in a short period raised Fluvanna from one of the lowest to one of the highest in our surrounding counties. Elizabeth is well aware of one thing that some supervisors have ignored, and that is that they are spending our money on the decisions that they make.
Another matter that we discussed extensively is the unsolicited proposal of Aqua Virginia to bring treated water to Zion Crossroads. Elizabeth and I share concerns over certain features of the plan as well as Fluvanna’s costs; those costs forced upon citizens that would be required to connect to the system, and the impact on taxes. I am not a contracts specialist. However, during 24 years as a Civil Engineer Corps officer in the Navy followed by 17 years in University of Virginia Facilities Management I had supervisory and management responsibility for construction and services contracts of all types.
Elizabeth and I discussed the following issues:
It is unusual to receive and to use unsolicited proposals for construction.
Only standard general administrative conditions of the county should be used in construction and services contracts.
It is risky to have general conditions, technical specifications and the assignment of responsibilities all in documents prepared by the contractor.
With 5 contracts involved Fluvanna is responsible for making them all work together, facing responsibility for delays damages.
Contracting with a third party (not Aqua) would be sole source procurements.
Suffice to say that Elizabeth Franklin understands when and where to ask questions, seeks answers, researches issues, studies options, presents plans, examines impacts of decisions and will make a supervisor that you can respect and count on.

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