Crisis of the day

The millions that oppose Obamacare generally feel that it’s nothing more than the next unaffordable, perpetually expanding entitlement program and they want to prevent it from taking root on our balance sheets. The millions that support it say the opposition just wants sick people to die.
Over the last few weeks in these very pages, we’ve learned that if you vote for a Republican, abortion will be outlawed and contraception will be set alight in a town square bonfire. We’ve learned that Republicans hate women with such ferocity that if elected they will take their rights away. No mention of which rights, but maybe the right to not have a soldier quartered in your home. One desperately disingenuous letter spoke of the author’s “longing” for moderation. He then went on to illustrate his selfless plea for moderation by painting those who vote for a candidate (undoubtedly, many of his own neighbors) whom he has not sanctioned, as being similar to the “Klansman” or the “radical Islamic Fundamentalist”.
Another letter seemed to imply that the “rich” all belong to one party (the rich not defined, but unquestionably evil of course). However, I’m quite sure that Harry Reid and John Kerry aren’t putting in hours at the factory when Congress is not in session. They will of course throw around phrases such as “corporate jets” and “fair share” to get their teamed worked up enough to write letters to their local papers. But, when the season to pay our fair share falls upon us, their full- time teams of tax attorneys and accountants never seem to send a check to the government each year containing 39% of what they earned.
It’s obvious that what we lack in reason, we make up for with Internet sites. We do have real problems that are now so large it’s likely that they won’t be fixed by simply voting for the next group of Democrats or Republicans, but the arguments above do not come from the people attempting to have that discussion.

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