Fluvanna tax policy

Mr. (Tony) O’Brien will trade a business-friendly climate for more government services such as education. Defensively, he is fond of reminding voters of the increase to their property values that might result from his proposed increased spending and taxing for better schools. He was clear Fluvanna does not shoulder enough tax burden. He seemed unaware however of the delicate balance that may be disrupted when taxes are increased.
(Rick) Kelly, on the other hand, told the audience how a high tax burden can harm a community’s business climate and competitiveness, consequently reducing the growth of income and employment. Kelly has repeatedly said that finding the right balance can be critical to the health of Fluvanna’s economy and its quality of life.
As the only candidate to have created a business in Fluvanna, Mr. Kelly explained his awareness of what it takes to conduct a business start-up in Fluvanna. Historically, Fluvanna has one of the lowest tax burdens on new business investments – which is a measure of our business competitiveness. That balance, ignored by O’Brien, reflects the tax provisions and tax incentives put in place by visionary state and local officials.
Considerable thought by policy makers went into shaping our tax rates in Virginia. To the extent possible, it appears Kelly wants to keep our historic business-friendly tax rates.
O’Brien attempts to veil his advocacy for tax increases by indicating how little we currently pay in taxes.
That’s why we need Mr. Kelly to be elected to the Board of Supervisors. He has an open and positive agenda for the Rivanna district, Fluvanna County and Virginia. He would be a stabilizing influence on tax rates in Fluvanna and his position appeals to businesses.

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