Kelly will cut education

Kelly’s campaign has emphasized an education first slogan because he knows he can’t win without school supporters. However, his actual policy is cut education first. He explicitly stated “there is fat in this budget and there is unnecessary expenses in this budget.”
We are witnessing déjà vu. One only has to look back at Mr. (Bob) Ullenbruch’s empty promise to not pass a budget that doesn’t include teacher salary increases. In his first year in office, he slashed the school budget at the 11th hour using the argument that he also believed there was fat in the school budget and it was the School Board’s problem to address.
If Kelly is elected, our schools will immediately fall under attack. If we take Kelly at his word, he will focus on cutting the fat in the schools. Based only on the Standards of Quality findings, that would include eliminating school bus service and eliminating the support our teachers get from instructional aides in ever- growing class sizes. There is a reason the Fluvanna Education Association unanimously endorsed O’Brien.
Vote Tony O’Brien!

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