Kelly’s promises

3. I will abide by the Virginia Constitution in all respects, especially where citizen decisions are required by referendum vote (like the Aqua water proposal).
4. I will actively seek businesses for relocation to Fluvanna County rather than spend your money and hope they’ll come.
5. I will work with Del. Rob Bell and Sen. Tom Garret to find state money to help our beleaguered schools.
6. I will seek funding for STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) recognizing the need to keep our kids competitive.
7. I will attempt to implement an equitable tax system so that Lake Monticello residents do not pay more than their fair share of the tax burden.
8. I will seek to adequately fund those services needed to protect you.
9. I will work to eliminate all waste from our budget.
10. My decisions will be based on reason and common sense.
I ask you to vote “Rick Kelly” on Nov. 5. Business, yes! Aqua, no! It’s in our interest to think before we act.

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