Moderate choices, please

A Virginia gubernatorial candidate has radical positions on abortion, contraception, gay rights, education, and energy. An attorney general candidate introduced a bill requiring women to report all miscarriages to law enforcement. A lieutenant governor candidate denounces Democrats as “anti-God,” gays as “perverted,” and non-Christians as following “a false religion” (you can guess his positions on women’s issues and education). These candidates have made Virginia a laughingstock. If they are elected, our tourism slogan will be “Virginia is for Haters.”
Locally, one candidate for Fluvanna Board of Supervisors seems to promise to do nothing. Another candidate has opposed almost every recent improvement project. If you think Fluvanna government is ineffective now, imagine if those candidates are elected to constitute a majority with other “no progress or vision for the future” supervisors.
Please take the time to vote, and cast your ballots for sensible candidates committed to making government work. Shame on you if you vote for extremists who will obstruct the government and enact radical policies. Support fair, truthful, and constructive government by voting for moderates.

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