Sheridan puts Fluvanna first

I personally have run countless calls with Mike Sheridan recently where he has stopped campaigning to answer someone’s call for help. He is one of the most active members in our fire company and his opposition is correct in their article in some ways. If you “push the button” or dial 911 for help, odds are you will get a chance to meet Mike Sheridan, but that is because he puts his community first; even ahead of his own campaign for Columbia District Supervisor. Finally, he doesn’t need to ride the coat tails of his family. They all have committed themselves to our country, county and community in their own ways. I have known Mike and his family since I was a child and to insinuate that there would be a “conflict of interest” because of his employment or because of his brother’s position as commissioner of revenue is completely disrespectful and ignorant. Mike Sheridan is simply looking for another way to serve his community and regardless of the politics; I challenge all of you to become as active as he is in this community rather than writing about others who are.

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