Vote O’Brien

I believe Tony O’Brien, Independent candidate for the Rivanna District Board seat, has this vision. To better understand the issues at hand, over the last several years Tony has spent countless hours attending board and committee meetings. He speaks with and listens to the diverse viewpoints of citizens, business leaders, teachers, and elected and appointed state and local officials. Tony shares our concerns about the vitality and fiscal health of our community, the status of our schools, the state of our core services, and the value of our homes.
Rick Kelly would like you to believe there is still fat to be cut from the county budget (there is not), that you can court businesses without having the infrastructure and incentives in place (doubtful, at best), and that no one will cross county lines to shop in Fluvanna (just plain wrong). We deserve a supervisor who has a strong, positive, thoughtful, and strategic plan for our county, who is not beholden to one ideology, and who is willing to consider all options and prepared to make tough decisions. Fluvanna has so much to offer but without knowledgeable and engaged leaders who are able to mobilize smart, forward thinking citizens of all parties and persuasions we will continue down the same path. Do nothing and you will certainly get nothing in return.
What do you see in Fluvanna’s future? A thriving, business-friendly county with top notch schools, dependable core services, a healthy housing market, and a fair tax burden? Achieving this will not be easy nor will it happen overnight. Rick Kelly says a long journey begins with one step. A vote for Tony O’Brien on Nov. 5 is a step in the right direction.

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