Voters beware

They ran on what they wanted to do and did it. It’s been nearly three years since leaving the Board and I have been reluctant to be public with my thoughts and concerns. I break my silence in support of Elizabeth Franklin, not because of any dislike of her opponent, but because I feel she is the right person at the right time for the management of our county. I really know who Elizabeth is, and I really respect her. I have applauded her efforts at many meetings, told her to sit down when she was addressing the board too zealously, been amazed at her intelligence, her ability to dig into difficult countywide and Columbia District problems, and to attend and address the Board at nearly every meeting for longer than the last five years. She has drafted a section of our Comprehensive Policy Plan, worked on tax and budget decisions, and water and land management decisions impacting her district. If you want someone who has demonstrated they have had your back, and will represent all your concerns and not a special interest, vote for Elizabeth Franklin. I would if I had the privilege of living in the Columbia district.

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