We deserve better

I get that there are those on the extreme left and extreme right of what each perceives as right and wrong. However, when ideology becomes so ingrained that it leads to pride and self destruction at all costs no one wins!
None of us want to pay more taxes but we also can no longer continue to cut and not provide our citizens with what is needed, not just to survive but to thrive as a community. I believe this election is critical for our families and our business future. What is the point of seeking new business if the people that live and work here can’t afford to support us!
Currently the correct political catch phrase of “I support the teachers” or “I support education” is something we all heard in the last election and look where we ended up. Underfunded and at the 12th hour begging like dogs for a bone.
We deserve better than this and not more of the same of what we already have. It is for that reason I support Mr. (Tony) O’Brien for supervisor. I have worked with him over the past year and find him to be very knowledgeable, concerned and an involved parent and business owner.
I also support Mr. (Mike) Sheridan, I have also known Mike for over ten years and he has always been a positive force in the community.
Mr. (Bill) Hughes for School Board has proven himself as a dedicated citizen. I have been honored to get to know him as well.
Finally, Mrs. Camilla Washington for School Board has also been a friend for over ten years. Her commitment to our community and her family is something to be proud of. Regardless of who you support please get out and vote, it is your right!

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