New church

The preparation, leading up to this time, has been a long time coming. We own 26 acres off of Rt. 53 and the construction of our new home has been underway for months. On Saturday, Nov. 3, we had an open house for our new building from 10 to 12. The construction site is still underway and should be completed by February of 2014. I’ve been out to the site on several occasions, but not recently. When we arrived this past Saturday, I was blown away. It takes a great deal to impress me, however, this facility took my breath away. The way the building sits on the site, highlighted by the topography of the land is breathtaking.
As I stood outside and admired this long-awaited facility, my heart and soul cried out to the strength of Jesus Christ. With Christ, all things are possible. It’s as though you are closer to God at this location. Our pastor, Steve Feden, and others have worked tirelessly to bring this to fruition. This whole endeavor has been in God’s hands. In my mind if you were not a believer before this project got underway you certainly are now. We can all agree that a building does not a church make. Brick and mortar are a means not an end. We will now have our own facility to worship and educate in. I can definitely see our numbers growing. When we do make the move to our new home, I would cordially invite all readers to stop by on any given Sunday at 10 a.m. I will end by paraphrasing Joel Osteen. At the end of each of his sermons he invited people to get associated with a Bible-based church and God will take you to places you never dreamed possible.

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