Radon tests at high school

I wonder whether those tests have been done yet. Surely, Fluvanna parents would appreciate the reassurance such tests could provide that our county’s school environment is safe for their children.
Recent concerns that the earthquake may have exacerbated radon contamination of buildings, already a major issue in this part of the country, have raised our awareness of radon dangers. This tasteless, colorless, odorless gas is well known to cause cancers and other health problems among individuals exposed to it for extended periods. It percolates up from the ground and reaches into homes, office buildings and schools.
Radon contamination can be mitigated with measures that are not extremely costly. Before we can address mitigation, however, we have to determine whether the hazard exists. That’s what the radon tests are for. If Fluvanna officials have not already conducted comprehensive tests at all of our schools and other public buildings, now would be a good time to rectify this oversight.

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