Where were the plows?

At that point, I phoned the front gate to ask if the Lake Monticello police knew how bad Jefferson Drive was and to state the need for a snow plow and tow trucks to rescue the stranded drivers unable to navigate the snow-covered roadway. I was told the police knew of the situation with the roads inside the Lake. I hung up thinking this is a dangerous situation.
The snow-covered roads should have been plowed an hour after the snow starting falling. Finally at 8:30 p.m. a snow plow arrived on the scene and made a pathway through the deepening snow for the dozens of cars stranded on Jefferson Drive. Then a tow truck also made an appearance and started pulling three vehicles out of the ditches with heavy chains.
By 9 p.m. all vehicles had finally made their way past Tufton Pond. I silently wished them luck and hoped they made it to their homes. Why the delay? Who or whom is in charge of the decision(s) to not act in a timely fashion? This storm was not a fluke, it was predicted days in advance.

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