Fluvanna needs a plan

It seems impractical to say that something is not right, and to not offer alternatives to fix the problem – especially when it is something that so desperately needs all hands on deck and needs to have all the potential solutions on the table. Yet we hear silence in April.
No is not a plan.
At the public hearing, the opportunity was given again by a supervisor in support of the increase. An opportunity to address the concerns put forth. Part of the exchange and dialog was reported in the paper.
What wasn’t reported was an exchange in which Mr. (Tony) O’ Brien was characterized of replying back in an email exchange that the ideas put forth are stupid, a characterization that Mr. O’Brien strongly denied. The denial and the approach was backed by the exchange reported and the facts that – when the opportunities arose at a number of meetings for concrete proposals to be put forth, there was silence. No plans, No solutions. The budget was presented, reviewed, line by line and nothing.
Last night was another opportunity to present. If cuts are what are needed, then where do they come from?
Fluvanna has a chance to lead. To do something that is not occurring at the federal level and at the state level. To work together. To not just say no and oppose – oppose – oppose, but to be part of the solution. D.C. is just saying no, and not offering solutions, Richmond is just saying no and not offering solutions. Fluvanna is better than this.
Judgment day is not coming with the next budget cycle or the next election cycle for that matter. Fluvanna needs leadership today. Years of rhetoric and partisanship have gotten us to a point where this year’s budget is just bringing the county’s level of school funding back to the 2008/2009 range. To be perfectly clear, plenty in this budget cycle got a no. Full maintenance on county buildings, funding for parks and recreation, minimal spending to essential services that provide the county with a 20 to 1 return on investment for child services and senior care. Underfunding of the school request. Minimal funding of water to Zion Crossroads in the form of funding to the future James River Water Authority yet no shovel-ready funding of an immediate solution that will return revenue to the county, no matter which ROI plan you wish to follow.
No is not a plan. Let us hope that May brings more than silence. We’ve cut long enough, we’ve said no long enough, and it’s time to say yes for Fluvanna.

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