Implications of slow growth

This slow population growth in Fluvanna is a result of slow economic growth, not the cause. People move to where there are jobs. Jobs are created by companies. Companies are created and grow where there are well-educated labor pools, great living conditions, good education, available housing, and sound government management.
Fluvanna can no longer rely on the past gifts of tourism and retirees to Fluvanna for a healthy growing community.
People are attracted to vibrant communities where there is opportunity to advance and prosper in their careers, for healthy living, for the arts, athletics and opportunity for their family.
Fluvanna County’s economic development strategy needs an overhaul. Borrowing to spend our way to a healthy economy has not produced results for Fluvanna. We have been spending via increasing tax rates and borrowing since at least 2007. All we have to show for the increased spending and borrowing is okay schools, over $100 million in debt and negligible population growth.
The policies are not working. There is a better way, Fluvanna.

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