Solutions needed

At the meeting May 22 there was an interesting exchange between Charles Harrelson and Valerie Palamountain. Charles was supporting Marlene Weaver’s proposal for an ad hoc committee of all interested parties to come up with proposal for what to do with the main and golf clubhouses. Both properties are in dire need of upgrade/rebuild and this is the time to do it correctly. Valerie felt this was a Board function, Charles said this Board did not really listen, she said that was his perception, he said it was his experience, and that went back and forth several times.
Valerie also indicated that maybe it was not necessary to have a restaurant in the clubhouse because there are many now successful restaurants outside the gate. Skip Alston does mainly catering, and there could be a catering kitchen. Despite Valerie’s protests that the Board is not closing the Ashlawn Grille, it certainly sounded like that could happen. That is a question for the community. Also, how many people will actually use the Ashlawn Grille during the type of renovation Valerie, Joy and several other board members are proposing? I have had two kitchen and baths renovated and we were completely undone for months. Any renovation to bathrooms and elevator will effectively shut down the Ashlawn Grille. I don’t believe otherwise. What does Skip Alston think?
Board member Cliff Altshull thinks that the wisest course of action is to come up with a plan for both main clubhouse and Eagles Nest/pro shop before going ahead. Board member Charles Harrelson asked Catherine Neelley, the lake GM, what she thought? He did give her room not to answer, but Catherine did say that we “need to address it (the issues for both golf course and main clubhouse) all at once’. Cliff will be leaving the board, but I know he will remain involved. Catherine, as the lake GM, will have a lot of say in the matter, so along with the new board, maybe the decisions regarding both properties will be made in tandem.
How about a community effort to come up with a solution for the main clubhouse, restaurant (whether we need it), plan for golf proshop/clubhouse/community center and do it in a logical and sensible manner? If the members of the board are concerned with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) liability and moving ahead with something relieves that stress, how about moving ahead in tandem with plans for an ADA compliant golf facility and main clubhouse?

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