Finding Jax

Jax went missing at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. By 2 p.m. volunteers were combing the streets carrying treats, leashes with his scent, and calling his name. The search did not stop until late into the evening when it was finally too dark for any hope of a sighting. First thing Wednesday morning volunteers were back on the streets continuing the search, which continued until the early hours of Thursday morning. Each time a sighting was reported, multiple volunteers would be in the area within minutes. After a 9 p.m. sighting on our very own porch Wednesday night, four volunteers showed up at our house within minutes and began to search in the dark and in the rain. These volunteers chose to search without umbrellas and in some cases without jackets because they did not want to spook Jax. One dedicated volunteer, whose love and commitment for Jax was beyond evident throughout the entire search, sat in the doorway of our home until 2:30 in the morning, trying to lure him inside. After many hours without a sighting, with aching bones from sitting on floor, the volunteer finally headed home for a few hours of sleep with the plan to continue the search with the rest of the gang the next morning.
Thankfully Jax found his way home around 6 am on Thursday morning and was found safe and sound in a humane trap that was set for him, but we have no doubt that if he hadn’t, the Caring for Creatures volunteer staff would not have given up until he was safe at home.
Caring for Creatures has been operating for 25 years. Their approach to animal care is beyond measure. They employ natural remedies in their treatment of ailments and to calm the nerves of the animals in their care. They get to know the individual needs of each animal and work with them on training, rehabilitation, and any specialized care as necessary. They use any methods available to provide the support and care necessary to assist the animals through any special needs. They use thunder shirts for animals that are frightened by storms. They use lavender and other essential oils to help calm the animals’ nerves. They provide high quality food, stimulation, and offsite training to prepare animals for adoption. They even used an animal communicator to aid in the search for Jax.
For families that don’t experience the extenuating circumstances of a lost pet, the support and dedication of the sanctuary volunteers is still clearly displayed during each adoption experience. In our case, a detailed interview about our family, our lifestyle, and the characteristics we were looking for in a dog was conducted during our visit. Several staff members worked together to discuss each animal at the sanctuary before making recommendations for our family. Their choice of dog for us could not have been a more perfect fit. Since returning home, Jax has instantly fit into our family and our lives, in ways that we never could have imagined. We are beyond in love with this dog and blessed to be entrusted with his care.
We will never be able to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the amazing staff at Caring for Creatures and we will never forget their support and dedication. If you are interested in adopting a pet, serving as a foster home, providing sleepovers during extreme weather conditions, or if you are able to provide donations, including food, pet supplies, or monetary donations we highly recommend contacting Caring for Creatures right away for a copy of their wish list or information about their adoption procedures. You can contact them via email at or by phone at 434-842-2404.

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