Hess has experience

As soon as I read that the Fluvanna County Republicans voted to politicize the office of county sheriff, I agreed to having a campaign sign put up, in my front yard, for Sheriff Eric Hess. Politics as usual brought down to the local level. Why else would Republican Rob Bell endorse a young man with less education and police experience than Sheriff Hess? I am sure that Sheriff Hess will not, as (I am paraphrasing) Ronald Reagan once said, “make age an issue of this campaign. He is not going to exploit for political purposes his opponent’s youth and inexperience.”
Seriously, I want our sheriff to have been around the county once or twice and I don’t mean the next county. Being our sheriff is more than playing high school football. It is good that the sheriff has experience on the “beat,” but he needs the experience of supervising and managing. After all, the sheriff is the “top dog” in the county’s public safety department. He not only needs to interact with the community, but also with the county leadership. Sheriff Hess has that experience, not only as sheriff, but also as deputy sheriff under Sheriff Ryant Washington. Sheriff Hess has 21 years law enforcement experience verses his opponent’s 10 years. When it comes to politics, the Republicans side with their causes over the public good. Tell them, Fluvanna County is not Washington or Richmond where politics is the name of the game.

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