Aqua fails

Aqua Virginia’s failure is also demonstrated vividly by the increasingly septic odors which emanate from their water treatment plant, a short distance from our community, a problem which has decreased value of our homes and has harmed the marketability of our community as a whole. The disgusting odors from the water treatment plant have also intensified significantly over the past two years.
As a citizen of the Dominion of Virginia, the water belongs to me. Aqua Virginia does not have to pay for it, and their processing charges are absurdly well and over usual costs to consumers.
Since Aqua Virginia ignores these serious problems, contaminates our air and devalues our homes, the only option left is a class action suit against Aqua Virginia. Should we really have to go this far to get Aqua Virginia to do what they are already paid very well to do?
Aqua Virginia should not be granted a rate increase. Instead they should be formally investigated.

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