Flush Aqua’s rates

Recovering infrastructure cost today is done retroactively with rates and then the SCC awards a “reasonable” return on equity. One of the reasons given for the rate increase was that Lake Monticello residents conserve too much water, averaging 650 gallons per month less than the rest of Virginia. Of course I conserve water when it’s priced like gold!
As a family of two with a bill close to $100 per month, water is higher than any other utility. I pride myself in conservation. I gave up on a lawn. I use rain barrels, collect my air conditioner drainage (200 gallons per summer) and run out with buckets to capture extra rainwater. Moving inside, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow.” I take Navy showers – rinse, turn off, soap, turn on and rinse. I collect shower water and sink water waiting for warm water. Grey water is recovered from hand-washed dishes and used to flush. Now I have to come up with new conservation techniques to compensate for this new rate increase. It is time to flush Aqua’s rates.

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