North Boston Road dangerous

The speed limit is posted at 45 mph. It should be no more than 40 mph. There is a curve approximately 400 feet from our driveway. When traveling west – around that curve – 95 percent of motorists are crossing the yellow lines while exceeding the speed limit. Then they are over-correcting and that is when the accidents happen – at least eight at last count. We may have missed a few. Pick either side of the road and you have Leland Cypress trees destroyed, mail boxes, etc.
VDOT built up the shoulder on the north side of the road this past June. On July 27, our flower gardens were destroyed and Nov. 25 – over the 400 feet mentioned – two mail boxes and a pine tree were demolished and the vehicle came to rest in our front yard.
There have been no real serious injuries, so far! We are sure the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office, the Virginia State Police, and the rescue squad and fire department are familiar with this address, as they have all been frequent visitors here.
We hope and pray that the next accident, and there will be more, will not result in fatalities.

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