Concealed weapons in Lake common areas

The proposed policy change deals with activities in common areas. So, the discharge of weapons would be prohibited in common areas, but by default this proposal allows residents (with a gun license) to drive the streets, walk in front of my home, and carry (with a concealed carry permit ) a loaded or unloaded concealed weapon, in all common areas of the Lake including buildings, clubhouse, golf course, playgrounds, etc. A second reading will be presented, Thursday, March 26, and then it becomes policy.
There are a number of problems with this. A child was recently killed in a park by police who did not know the weapon he was carrying was a toy, even though the dispatcher indicated that might be the case. What about a loaded rifle racked in plain view in a car or truck and someone breaks in a steals it. I have a vague recollection that cars are routinely broken into at the Lake. Do you believe this is not going to happen? What about the fellow who is just a little off his game, has a little too much to drink, gets angry or a myriad of other scenarios and has a loaded weapon at his hip? The chairman of the Safety and Security Committee indicated that it was actually safer to carry a loaded weapon because more accidents happen when weapons are being loaded than just carried. What about children who pick up a loaded weapon?
I really think I am in a time machine and have been transported back to the Wild West.

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