The truth

It seems selective to avoid mentioning that Congress is doing exactly what it is constitutionally mandated to do, and that the House of Representatives in particular was attempting (and failed miserably) to carry out their duties legislatively, through funding powers, which are powers enumerated exclusively to them.
The truth is we don’t get to pick and choose which abuse of power to permit and still retain a voice when there is an abuse that we are dissatisfied with. We are either a nation of laws or of men and not a pleasant mix of both.
The truth is, when you support the abuses of power of our current president simply because you agree with the principle or because it’s “your” party you can’t stop the further abuses that will inevitably come, and have come from the other side.
A truthful letter could be written about our current national government recording phone conversations of its innocent citizens, but I suppose partisan politics will reserve those conversations to discussions of former President Bush. A truthful letter could be written about our current administration bombing sovereign nations without a congressional declaration of war, or about illegally deposing legitimate leaders of sovereign nations. Maybe we’ll have to wait until there’s a Republican president before we hear such matters discussed. We could have a truthful letter that illustrates how “we the people” are burying future generations in debt while they have no say in the matter, but instead we read how Republicans are not quietly succumbing to the budgetary demands of the president. A truthful letter can be written about a president that for three years lied about the details of his signature policy right up through the 2012 election cycle. These things should not be ignored because they are not politically advantageous to one’s own “team”.
The constant use of buzzwords such as “fanatical” and “radical” does nothing to validate truth. It’s simple demagoguery, as is the now common habit of prefacing an individual or group with the phrase “Tea Party”.

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