Golfers should pay

The funding for renovation of the Ashlawn clubhouse is a fair request of the members of Lake Monticello. Renovation or replacement of the golf clubhouse should be funded by those who are golf members and those who wish to play the course. The Lake Monticello Owners’ Association needs to be transparent to the full membership about the staggering amount it costs to operate this golf course/clubhouse. How many members are there of the golf club that demand that they have the best of the best? I feel sure that the percentage of those who belong or play are very small compared to those who don’t play or belong to the golf clubhouse.
Five million dollars to the golf clubhouse project should not be permitted by the Lake membership. Current dues are $833.04, dues increase of $95 equals $928.04. Plus the 2016 automatic 3 percent increase will push our dues to $955.88. Bars codes for vehicles would have to be added to the $955.88. Please vote. Your “no” vote will help the board to come up with sensible and realistic projects.

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