Independent data needed?

The finance department data shows the real estate taxes on a median priced house in each of 10 municipalities in the area. It shows that the taxes on a median priced house in Fluvanna are lower than or comparable to taxes on median priced houses in other municipalities, particularly Albemarle and Charlottesville. Well the taxes on a Fluvanna County median priced house should be lower. After all, it’s a lower priced house. Also, the circumstances of the owners are probably different with respect to income and ability to pay higher taxes. The county wants us to believe that median means similar and that lower out-of-pocket taxes means lower taxes on similar homes. In fact, median priced houses in these municipalities and their occupants are very different and comparing taxes on them makes little sense.
The comparison of median priced houses is a very shallow analysis that conveniently shows the Fluvanna County tax burden to be low compared to other municipalities. I think this is the idea that the county wants to get across and the article succeeds in presenting that viewpoint.

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