The Lake’s 1 Percent

Why not separate the projects? Are the board members taking yet another clue from Washington politics? That is: include a measure that would surely fail on its own with a measure that has a better chance of succeeding. They may be right in thinking that asking for $5 million for the golf course alone would not be palatable to most members. But, wrap it up with the clubhouse improvements and throw in the moral appeal of handicap accessibility, the fear of impending lawsuits, the allure of property value increases, and you have a recipe for success. Maybe.
Some indisputable facts:
Relative to the total Lake population, a very small percentage of members play golf currently, have ever played golf, or have any plans to start.
My property values (I live 5 + miles from the golf course) will not increase or decrease because of a new golf building.
County and State taxes and fees, water and sewer rates, along with many other living expenses, will go up. Combine this with a sizable Lake Monticello Owners’ Association dues increase ($95 plus the automatic annual 3 percent increase), and it becomes increasingly hard for some of our members to bear.
Do we know any members who are single working parents – couples who are trying to save for college tuition – retirees on a modest fixed income, who may suffer from a dues increase?
I plan to vote no for any LMOA spending plan that seeks to solely make the comfortable more comfortable.

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