Pro Dominion pipeline

I currently own land in Virginia and West Virginia which have natural gas pipeline running underground on many of these lands. I also have a gravity fed well and one small compressor station in two different places, although I am only a surface land owner. I purchased the land knowing the pipeline was there and further welcomed the pipeline’s existence and benefits. We have a tremendous opportunity with ACP and, I can assure the readers, no harm has come to me or my family living around or enjoying my properties near (or on top of) a natural gas pipeline. In the wooded areas, the additional access to these properties and beautiful fields has actually improved my land.
In West Virginia in particular, I feel the pipelines have added value to my properties. As conditions changed and additional pipeline work needed to be done, my experience with the companies involved has been very good. Dominion supports an outstanding record in this area and should not be subject to unreasonable abuse leading up to and during this most necessary project. As we all have a stake in our energy future, let’s all make an effort to act reasonable and help get this pipeline built. We need the jobs and infrastructure, and Dominion offers the progress we need in both Virginia and West Virginia.
I urge the community to join together in support of this project to ensure our energy and economic future.

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