Snake rescue

What washes into the lake effects our wildlife. On Wednesday afternoon, May 13, my friend, Jeff, was able to untangle a Northern (black banded) water snake from a thin strip of Christmas light netting.
“Any chance you could come over and untangle this snake? It is still alive.”
“Aah-no, I have… I’ll be right over!” Jeff replied.
He yelled later as he descended the steps to the dock, “It took me so long because I passed a porch with a fire burning on it and no one around. I turned around and pulled into the driveway. A woman came out to find out why I was in her driveway. Then she saw the fire. It was starting to burn the porch railing. She put it out with water.”
Snip… snip… snip. Finally the snake was freed from all the debris.
Yay, two rescues in 20 minutes!

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