The survey and your vote

While the BOD couldn’t include everything that was said, they certainly got the message. The plans that are being proposed are definitely scaled down from what the Board and community originally wanted.
The Ashlawn Clubhouse will be remodeled and made compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act,
The Ashlawn Grille will stay where it is and be enlarged a bit, taking advantage of the lake view,
The basketball and playground areas will be improved,
The current Eagle’s nest and Pro Shop will be replaced (as the building was in dangerous condition), and
Meeting rooms will be added, making the Bunker location more for the community and less for golf.
Is this design exactly what the survey dictated? Of course not. But, it is a compromise that attempts to include all requests that are financially feasible. The Ashlawn Clubhouse will no longer look like a decaying nursing home. The Bunker location will no longer be precarious. Realtors will once again feel good about showing prospective buyers our community. Our home values will increase. But mostly, these improvements will no longer be postponed.
I am willing to spend 26 cents a day to live in a beautiful community. This expense won’t change the fact that Lake Monticello will still have one of the lowest annual dues rates of any comparable community. I urge you to vote yes as soon as you receive your ballot, or at the annual meeting in June.

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